A Village-size Energy System

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The Big Picture

An Overview

What are the goals of the B2M project?

What is the scale of the B2M project?

What is the Project's context?

Why hasn't this been done before?

What is B2M's Biomass Source?

What is the Analog?

How can I support this work?

Key Concepts

What is Biofuel?

What is Biomass?

What is a Negawatt?

What is Obtainium?

What is SynGas.

   Some Wiki definitions:

What is Gasification?

What is Producer Gas?

What is SynGas?

Chemical Pathways

An Overview

What is the Fischer-Tropsch route?

What is the Purox® route?

What is the LPMeOH® route?

What is the Mahajan route?

Key Related Technologies

What are Chippers and Tub Grinders?

What is Pressure Swing Adsorption?

    Oxygen Hacker's Companion

What is Hydraulic Compression?

    HP Gas Boosters

What is the role of microprocessors?

What is the GEK?

Contact Information

      We'd enjoy hearing from you. Our email is b2m (at) gorge (dot) net