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      B2M True Fan Bob D. was kind enough to pass along word of this remarkable companion volume for another very helpful book now in the B2M library, the Oxygen Hacker's Companion.

      The information contained in Harlow's latest offering is especially relevant and timely for us given B2M's current focus on building a high pressure (HP) compressor using hydraulic cylinders. I find that having Harlow's thoughts at hand is a real comfort when venturing to explore the "unknown unknowns" involved in a project like this.

      The The Laws of the Navy is a century old compilation of wise thoughts expressed in a nautical context; one such admonition goes,

            Be wary lest you bouy for another
            That shoal ...

      It's one thing to make a "new" mistake; it's quite another to repeat mistakes that other's have made and learned from. While hands-on experience is a key part of this work, keeping one's "hands on" is important too. Harlow not only describes the best ways he knows how to work with hydraulic cylinders and high pressure gases safely, he also covers things that have been learned from those who crossed the line to ill effect.

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