B2M scalability timeline

B2M scalability timeline ▼

  • 1 gal
  • 10 gal
  • 100 gal
  • 1000 gal
  • Proof of concept
  • Fuel all cars & tractors
  • Fuel all needs & extra to sell
  • Start in-forest production

What is Windward and what's its relationship to B2M?

Biomass2Methanol is designed to create an integrated, comprehensive energy system for communities; Windward is B2M's "test bed" community.

Since 1988, the Windward Education and Research Center has been stewarding 126 acres of pine/fir/oak forest located on the southern edge of the Cascadian wilderness in south, central Washington state‒about 80 miles east of Portland, Oregon.

For more than 20 years, the Windward community has been publishing a blog that offers hundreds of articles describing what the community has learned in its quest to build a working model of sustainable community.

To learn more about Windward, you're invited to visit our website

Notes From Windward