Join us now and help make energy sovereignty available to communities worldwide. B2M relies on people like you because we believe that the solutions to today's challenges will rise out of open source, community collaboration.

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Small Recurring Donations

We believe that community based projects are more successful with a steady supply of funds rather than a large one time grant. As earthy folk, we liken it to a drip irrigation system that provides water efficiently to plants when and where it is needed. We encourage you to join the project by making small, monthly donations.

Funding Goals:

We've completed Phases 1 and 2; our goal for Phase 3 of the B2M project is $1,000/month from a broad base of community support. You can help us reach our goal and build the the B2M Energy Hub!

As of March 2016

About Donations

Contributions are tax deductible as donations to the 501(c)(3)Windward Education & Research Center.

B2M is a volunteer-run project and all donations go directly towards purchasing the materials needed to building a working model of a B2M Village Energy Hub.