B2M scalability timeline

B2M scalability timeline ▼

  • 1 gal
  • 10 gal
  • 100 gal
  • 1000 gal
  • Proof of concept
  • Fuel all cars & tractors
  • Fuel all needs & extra to sell
  • Start in-forest production

What are B2M's goals?

  1. To develop energy independent communities through the sustainable utilization of sunshine, rain, and atmospheric carbon dioxide.

  2. To support the growth of strong communities through ecosystem conservation and forest stewardship.

  3. To enable communities to stop having to export non-renewable resources and young people in order to survive.

  4. To create a way that students with a passion for the environment can develop their skills, gain experience in an ecologically sound business, and pay off student loan debt.

  5. To create portable B2M processing plants using modified shipping containers so that this technology can be adopted worldwide.

  6. To create a non-profit, open-source training center where people can learn how to operate integrated biomass-to-fuel systems.