Spring Update 2014

      The winter months have been seen many exciting steps forward as the Biomass Compressor comes together, so let me take you on a quick tour of where the work stands as of the end of the first quarter of 2014.


  • work on Stage 1 is 95% complete pending installation of the solid state pressure sensor
  • the drive cylinders for Stage 1 (lower) and Stage 2 (upper).

    the bellows cylinders for Stage 1 (lower) and Stage 2 (upper).

  • work on the internal combustion engine driven hydraulic pump is 95% complete pending wiring of the clutch solenoid.

  • the engine driven hydraulic pump and hydraulic fluid holding tank

    a view from east

  • work on installing the Hydraulic Shock Absorber is 95% complete pending connecting the solenoid to the Relay Terminal.

  • the hydraulic shock absorber is the green unit on the left

  • work on the Relay Terminal is 90% complete pending completion of the 24 VDC power supply circuit, and connections to the six solenoids that control the four stages, the hydraulic clutch and the hydraulic shock absorber.

  • the interior of the Relay Terminal

  • work on Stage 2 is 90% complete pending connection of the bellows to the holding tank and the installation of the solid state pressure sensor.

  • the bellows cylinder for Stage 2

  • work on Stage 3 is 40% complete pending connection of hosing and the installation of the 1000 psi holding tank.

  • the Stage 3 cylinder is the black unit on the right

  • work on Stage 4 is 10% complete now that the 3000 psi holding tank has successfully passed hydrostatic testing.

  • the Stage 4 holding tank is the yellow cylinder